By accident, a recent circumstance forced me to go through my archives of photos taken as far back as the late nineties when I started taking photos. A friend and colleague requested for a single photo from me for use in a publication and the high-resolution file needed submission.  As I was going through the volume of film negatives, digitized files (scanned films) and digital files (photos taken with a digital camera), I discovered or rather rediscovered a lot of photos that I felt worth sharing. Thus the decision to open another blog that would highlight single photos only rather than show a series of photos that would describe an event or tell a story.

Coming up with title for this blog was a challenge. I browsed through the internet for a Latin translation of Found Single Photos and came up with the current title for this blog. Singulus Photos Instituo literally means Single Photos Found or Found Single Photos. This is the whole concept of this blog. This blog is a repository of single photos I have found, discovered or rediscovered. The word found here means two things: first it means literally/physically found within my photo archives. Second, photos posted are found scenes or subjects. Since I started taking photos, I seldom if not at all direct my subjects or shoot. I observe and capture what I see, feel, hear in front of me. Photography has been a vehicle or a tool for me to capture and freeze in time (as it were) things that happens in front of me. In this sense, found here means photos I capture are found not staged or directed.


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