Air Turkiye

By: Jasper Llanderal

May 10 2010

Category: Daily Life


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:DYNAX 7D

Turkish Air — Airspace somewhere between Istanbul, Turkey and Bangkok, Thailand. I was glad that I took this photo. Little did I know that this would be my first and last time to take Turkish Air and also take the route Ashgabat-Istanbul-Bangkok-Manila. The usual route I take whenever I go home for R&R from Afghanistan was the Kabul-Dubai-Manila route. However, on some occasions, I take the Herat-Ashgabat-Bangkok-Manila route as it came out cheaper. In one of my travels back home, I could no longer get a direct flight from Ashgabat to Bangkok thus forced to take the only available route which was to fly to Istanbul first then to Bangkok. The layover time in Istanbul could have been more than enough for me to take a day tour of the famous city (i.e the only city belonging to two continents) however because of time constraints, I was didn’t have enough time to secure a visa. I stayed in the Istanbul International Airport the whole time.

I purposely requested for a window seat for this particular flight and did not regret it. Cannot resist being amazed by the contrast of the blues and whites of the sky, clouds and fuselage with the small red insignia of Turkish Air, I took the shot.


2 comments on “Air Turkiye”

  1. It looks like you’ve take this pix at the tip of the atmosphere….. very nice.

    • I have another shot of the wings but framed by the window of the plane. I liked this shot better because it looks like the photo was taken from the outside of the plane. This particular shot has also more clouds/sky in the frame which somehow balanced the small red insignia of the airline.

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